Rental Property in Montenegro
Rental Property in Montenegro

Montenegro is an interesting country! Why not live in it for a while. But do not rush into the pool with your head, start with a small dive. The easiest way to start is to use the property rental service.

It is best to contact the agency specializing in the sale of real estate and renting it out. They will help you to find the right option and ensure that you do not get the cat in the bag. The agency will also ensure that you will sign a contract with owner if you plan to live in Montenegro for at least a year, and help you interact with the landlord.

There are a lot of options provided for rental housing. First you need to decide: you want to live in a house, flat or apartment. Then select a city or locality. You can rent a property in the mountains, and you can rent it at the seaside. There is another option to live in the Bay of Kotor. Each area in Montenegro has its own characteristics. The climate in the mountains is different from the climate on the coast. The difference in air temperature is on average 10-15 degrees. Pay attention to how heated the home chosen by you.

Consider that the property you are renting may, according to the description, be located at a small distance from the sea, but at the same time it will be on high ground and you will have to walk uphill every day. Not everyone is ready for this, especially in hot weather. Or you choose a property for rent in a picturesque place in the mountains, but you need to spend the whole day to get to the nearest grocery store.

Be sure to look into the issue of infrastructure. If you are accustomed to an active social life, then not all the cities of Montenegro will suit you. In some of them, life is in full swing throughout the year, and some fall into hibernation.

You may want to combine living in a new country with studying languages or anything else. Then, when choosing an area for renting real estate, give preference to more developed cities, such as: Budva, Podgorica, Bar, Kotor, Tivat, Cetinje, Herceg-Novi and Ulcin.

Keep in mind that there is seasonality in the provision of real estate for rent. Renting prices during the season are significantly different from non-season. Season in Montenegro lasts from May to October. On average, the cost of apartments on the Adriatic coast is 50 euros per day in the warm season. Renting a house or apartment for a long time will allow you to save significantly. The longer the renting term, the more profitable for you.

Also, if you have planned your departure to Montenegro in advance, then you can use the procedure of early booking of real estate for its rent. It is very convenient for landlords and is advantageous in price for you.