Zabljak Cottage in a cottage settlement
Zabljak, Zabljak, Montenegro
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Sell ??the cottage in a cottage settlement in a ski resort Zabljak.The village is located in the picturesque mountain town of Zabljak, the road to which takes 1.5 hours on a straight road from the club and youth center in Montenegro - Budva.Zabljak is known not only as one of the best ski resorts in "Southern Alps", but also as a truly environmentally-cultural treasury of the whole of Europe - National Park Durmitor.The park was declared a reservation in 1952 and currently ranks among the specially protected UNESCO sites.The park has a large number of historical and religious monuments, among which highlights the Orthodox monastery of St.Archangel Michael (XV century), is pleased (Dovolja XV century), Dobrilovina (Dobrilovina XVI-XVII century).Also well-known Roman grave near the village of Novakovic (Novakovici).The village consists of 20 houses of various sizes: -115 sq.m.(4 houses) - 100 sq.m.(8 houses) - 90 square meters.m.(4 houses) - 70 square meters.m.(4 houses).Houses are rented with full interior, renovated and furnished.Across the road from the village is a hotel complex, built by Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic, which includes the main hotel building and several cottages located around.Every year Zabljak is becoming more and more popular among fans ride the mountain skiing / snowboarding / sledding with the wind, and among lovers wander through the cultural attractions and the reserved places.



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