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Budva, Budva Riviera, Montenegro
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In Montenegro, in the vast expanses of the Adriatic Sea, many cities for leisure travelers and residence. One of the most popular, which is considered the center of tourism in the Balkans - is the city of Budva! On the coast of this beautiful and modern city you can find a variety of different hotels, apartment hotels and residential complexes for temporary or permanent residence in a particular season or year-round. But the only one of its kind on the unique structure in Mediterranean style is a multi-complex «Porto Budva», which is located just 20 meters from the sea and 150 meters from the historic center of Budva (Old Town Fortress), at the intersection of ul. Mediteranskaya and the Promenade - the main pedestrian street running along the waterfront. Multi-complex «Porto Budva» one of the projects of investment and construction company «Nova Gradnja Budva - Alart Centar-Budva CG», which has existed for 13 years in real estate with an excellent reputation as a conscientious and quality developer that performs just in time properties for different purposes. The company has already received permission to build the facility on the 4th March 2016 The beginning of the active phase of the project on the 25th April 2016 Multifunctional shopping center is designed with all the comforts of modern retail space, scale and flexibility of various commercial premises allows us to offer our potential customers a great Spector services with excellent service. All commercial premises have the 2nd exit onto the Promenade and the building of the Trade Center. The building is surrounded by 4 streets, which are the most walkable city. The entire complex has a multi-8-NIL elevators, 3rd staircase, escalator 1-n-6 and be input and output to / from the building with all the surrounding streets. The whole complex is a multi • The shopping center with shops of famous brands and trademarks 8000 m • A two-level parking • SPA center with a wide range of services, with outdoor and indoor swimming pools 2200 m2 • Children playground • 9-five residential floors decorated with "Premium" - the class We offer for sale: The first 2 floors -trade center with a variety of outlets: a grocery store (400m2), restaurant (155m2) with 450m2 terrace on the Promenade, a clothing store with a showcase Mediteranskuyu overlooking the street, a jewelry store in the central area (110m2), as well as 9 residential floors with two-bedroom apartments 44m2, 50m2, 53m2, 60m2; 3-room apartments 76m2 and 85m2 and luxury penthouses of 120m2. All commercial premises and the apartments are sold with interior decoration and design repair by the client, all the materials can be selected on-site. The complex will be made in a single modern architectural style. Thanks to the free layout there is a possibility of individual planning sections of the interior space. The architectural solution meets modern needs: large panoramic windows, spacious balconies with outdoor landscaping, floor zoning. The territory of the complex is designed in a modern landscape design: around the building grow perennial trees are hardwood and softwood. In the commercial space will house offices, grocery stores, a bakery, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, clothing shops of famous brands and so on. In walking distance from the complex there are multi-city attractions, parks, kindergartens, primary schools, shopping centers, central market. Plans of apartments are designed in accordance with the European family living standards. comfort level of accommodation corresponds to European standards of housing for the "Premium". Maintenance of the complex will be engaged in the management company. All the equipment installed in the apartments, and is certified on the warranty management company. Payment of utility services is carried out by the municipal tariffs, as the building is registered as residential and commercial. Construction period: 1) The first phase of the 2-storey shopping center, 8000 sq.m. and 2 -level parking. The construction period reception in operation - April 2016 - December 2017. 2) The second phase, the first tower of 9 floors with apartments, Spa-center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and recreational areas, as well as restaurants and kafe.Vsego area of 9800 sq.m. The construction period, and receive object - December 2017 - December 2018. 3) The third phase, the second tower of 9 floors with kvartirami.Vsego area of 9800 sq.m. The construction period, and receive object - December 2018 - December 2019. on the Adriatic coast real estate market is huge and varied. Thanks to the experience gained by entrepreneurs from different countries of our vast planet, overseas property investments are really effective way of investing assets. Investments in property located abroad - is a rapidly growing industry, in which there are new and emerging trends. Today such investments are no longer considered as a fallback: they become full-fledged business. One way vygodgogo and profitable real estate investing offers you the investment and construction company «Nova Gradnja Budva - Alart Centar - Budva CG», through the purchase of real estate and design it in the property for further rental, resale or just a comfortable stay in sunny Montenegro an ongoing basis in your own apartment, because after the acquisition of any type of real estate for all foreign nationals granted a residence permit valid for 1 year with an option to renew. Such a method chooses the majority of investors, as it is besproigroshnym with a high degree of profitability. Investing in real estate has always been considered an excellent investment. Someone will invest in order to save their money, which is very important in the days of the crisis, and someone is counting on a good profit from this kind of investment.



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