Budva (Markovici) villa for investment
Budva, Budva Riviera, Montenegro
Total square: 133 ㎡|Number of rooms: 0|Number of floors: 0
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The villa is designed for accommodation of 14 people or 3 families. Perfectly located, Markovic Budva Municipality, located Markovici above Budva, on the road to Budva (new highway Budva-Cetinje) 6 km to the five-star hotel Splendid Spa - 6 km in a straight line from the villa to the center of Budva less than 3 km. Altitude 350 m. Magnificent, medical air, this is where sea and mountain air are mixed and create a special structure, very useful for the treatment of pulmonary diseases and rejuvenation of the whole organism. There are as tap and artesian, healing water. The living area of ??133 square meters. m, the area of ??land of about 400 square meters. m. Villa on 3 levels, stairs outside the house, on all 3 floors of a separate entrance to the room. Gorgeous insulation on all floors. On the huge terrace of the upper floor there is a swimming pool of 4.5 m diameter and 1 m depth. = 13,000 liters of water. Own car parking at the house on the first level and in the yard under a canopy on the 3rd level. ====== ATTENTION !!! For those who want even more !!! There is already an agreed conceptual design of reconstruction and new building of the villa on the 5th floor, with all dimensions and drawings. The villa is brought up to 5 floors in supperlyuks class with pool, sauna, several bedrooms, lounge with fireplace, library, balcony, large terrace, etc. (Conceptual design is made and has already been paid in architectural office 2500 euros, all sizes, the possibility of building consistent with the local urban plan and technical conditions). This ideological Projects almost brought to the construction Projects, it has taken into account all the material and the exact dimensions.======The villa has: 1st floor of about 50 square meters. m. The living area. Huge spacious room with kitchen: electrical floor on the whole space. Air conditioning with cooled or heated air. Ceiling height of 3.5 meters. Magnificent views of the sea and mountains and mountains. Aluminum windows with electric blinds and mosquito nets. The room has all the necessary furniture a large TV, satellite TV more than 1000 channels, DVD player, sofa, large corner sofa (converts to 2-3 beds), bookcase, bedside table, coffee table, large mirror. The kitchen includes all the necessary equipment: full kitchen furniture caramel color, lots of cabinets and shelves of high quality, large fridge 2 m high with freezer, electric induction stove with oven, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, blender, expensive English dinner service, pans, pots, dinner and tea sets. Everything is designed for more than 12 persons. Bathroom: a large shower 90 cm, toilet wall, sink, washing machine 8 kg of laundry with fast washing 15min. Exhaust ventilation, electric floor heating, electric heating air with remote control. === 2nd floor living area of ??48 square meters. m .: 3 bedrooms hallway and bathroom with toilet. Gorgeous bedroom for adults with a small baby crib, with a large balcony and fabulous, unforgettable views of the sea and the town of Budva. Air conditioning with cooling or heating the air, aluminum windows with mosquito nets and elektrozhalyuzi. On the floor carpet of very high quality. Royal double bed with drawers for linen. Big TV on the wall, dresser and wardrobe. Children's rooms: on the floor carpeting, aluminum windows with mosquito nets and elektrozhalyuzi. 1 Air conditioning system with a heating or cooling the air in the room 2-storey bed and regular bed = 3 beds, another child laid out a comfortable sofa and wardrobe. = 2 beds. Shower room with large shower 100 x 140 cm. Washbasin with large mirror and wall cabinets. With walk-through window in the bedroom you can see the sea and the old town (optional, you can close the window blinds). Electric floor heating. Electric heating air. Local exhaust ventilation. Toilet. Bidet. In the hallway there is a cloakroom and a closet for shoes. The front part of the corridor - floor tiles. (Total maximum of 7 beds + cot). === 3rd Floor or 3rd level. There is a separate entrance, driveway, garden for lovers. Parking space in the courtyard under a huge canopy, which can fit a big car or Jeep Bus sprinter. At the 3rd level is: Magnificent house of 35 sq. m. Floor area: 3 bedrooms and bathroom. Room with kitchen, sofa, designed for 2 people. Children 1: 2 single beds. Kids 2: sofa, designed for 2 people. Total 6 beds or one family. Shower, toilet, washbasin. Air conditioning system, heating and cooling systems. The house has a terrace with views of the royal Budva old town, the island of St. Nicholas and the island of Sveti Stefan. Satellite television. Electric oven. Large fridge-freezer. Dishwasher. Washing Machine 7kg drying laundry. Massage tent 3 x 4 m + professional massage bench. Telescope for increasing the stars 20 to 240 times. All utensils and equipment. Terrace level 3 is enormous and the view from her unforgettable. Budva - Montenegro jewel lies at the palm of your hand. On the terrace there is always a light breeze ascending or descending air (depending on the time of day and the temperature difference between the air and the sea air in the mountains). At the 3rd level grows magnificent tree, lemon and figs. Huge terrace 12m x12 m with 4.5 m pool, tent and awning, outdoor kitchen with all equipment, couches, tables and chairs. Everything is designed for one-time residence of all tenants forks. The villa has all the bedding and towels. There is a closet with a key on the landing. Wonderful neighbors and nearby villas and houses. Side terraces should present a horizontal bar for true sports fans, where you can perform gymnastic element "Sun"!



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