Buying property in the mountains of Montenegro
Buying property in the mountains of Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with very rich nature. In it, the sea is adjacent to the mountains, which are cut by canyons with rivers and plains with lakes and forests. Here, palm trees grow near the pines and dandelions look out from under the cacti. At the same time, the territory of the state is quite small, 13,812 sq.m.

Having been in this country once, we really want to return to it again and maybe even buy property to come as often as possible and live longer. Most people who want to buy a house or apartment want to live on the coast and, they do not even consider the options offered to them in the mountains. And in vain!

Mountain Montenegro is fabulously good! The purest air, the coolest water, the fertile land and the mild temperate continental climate are only a small list of benefits that await you in their original form.

If you want to buy property in Montenegro, be sure to pay special attention to the objects that the real estate agency will offer you in the mountains. The cost of real estate in the mountainous area is significantly different in the best direction from the value of real estate on the coast.

Having bought a house, for example, in the area surrounding Lake Skadar, you will receive not just a building with the land surrounding it, you will become the owner of the place where your soul will rest. And what carps are found in this lake and how tasty they are cooked in local restaurants! By the way, there even passes the railway, and the train quickly takes you to the capital.

And if you are lucky enough to buy property in the area of ​​the Durmitor National Park or in Zabljak, every day you can go on unforgettable walks alone with magnificent nature. Perhaps you like to pick mushrooms, then you will not find a better place. The forests there are very rich in them. And in the winter you can be one of the first to be on the slopes covered with puffy snow.

Buying property on the flat terrain, you can engage in breeding sheep and cheese making. Also, if you choose to buy property in the wine regions of Montenegro, it is possible that the vine will already grow on the territory of your site, and you will be able to do winemaking.

In the canyons where the Tara and Piva rivers flow, the landscape is truly impressive in its monumentality. These canyons are the second in depth in the world. The color of the rivers from azure to turquoise attracts the eye, and the cliffs excite the imagination. If you become the owner of real estate in this area, your physical form will drastically improve and life expectancy will increase. After all, walking through the mountain cliffs is better than any sport. And if you're a fan of rafting, then the better place in Montenegro for rafting you will not find.

And most importantly, even if your property is in the mountains, you can easily get to the coast during the day and swim in as much as your heart pleases, and then return to your fabulous corner and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the mountain slopes or the rustle of the plains.